Change of Name

Policy on Name Change/Correction on Student Records

In the interest of accuracy, validity, and legality, it is important that all official records compiled at the University are consistent. Student records are maintained in the name given by the student on the Application for Admission form. If, in your initial application, you used a shortened version of your legal name (Sue for Susan, Ginny for Virginia, Tom for Thomas, Mike for Michael, Chris for Christopher, etc.), or, if you neglected to include a middle initial and you would like to have your diploma printed in your legal name, you must complete a "Change/Correction of Name" online application prior to applying for graduation.

Students may change their names by completing the Rutgers University-Newark's "Change/Correction of Name" online application. This application also serves as an affidavit that the new name will be used without the intent to defraud or commit criminal activity.

Some internal records, such as microfilm and microfiche, cannot be changed, and the University is not responsible for the use of different names on this type of record. The college Registrar will change all other records.

Students are responsible for supplying the University with correct information. The University is not responsible for delays or errors resulting from incorrect information provided by the student.

The University requires that students use only one name at a time. A fee will be charged if a new diploma or I.D. card is issued, or if any other unusual expense is required to change the name.

The Registrar's Office requires two forms of identification (one MUST include a State/Federally issued picture ID, such as a domestic Driver's License, Passport, or a Permanent Resident Card), showing official recognition and usage of the new name. Other supporting evidence might include a Notarized Marriage Certificate, a Court Order documenting a name change, or voter registration.

A "Change/Correction of Name" online application must be completed to change the name on University records. The University will cross reference all former student's names.

Preferred Name

If you wish to use a name other than your legal name, you can follow the steps in the link below for your preferred name to appear on electronic course management systems (Sakai, Blackboard, Ecollege, Canvas, etc.), Class Rosters, and Student ID Cards.

Preferred Name Change online applcation

For questions or concerns with Change/Correction of Name, please email: .