Exchange NJIT Undergraduate

Registration for NJIT Biology (28:120) or Theatre (28:088) courses must be done online in the Rutgers system via WEBREG.

Registration for NJIT courses must be done in person at the Office of the Registrar, Rutgers University-Newark, prior to registering for the first time, students should fill out a cross registration application which can be secured online at NJIT-CrossRegForm.pdf

All approved undergraduate NJIT courses are listed in the Rutgers Schedule of Classes as school 28. Courses not listed as school 28 require Departmental approval. Once approved, students must bring the approval to the Office of the Registrar, Rutgers University-Newark and register in person under a generic exchange course number: 21:376:055:01.

Students seeking to register for NJIT courses offered under CS, IS or IT and require override of Pre-Requisites or Closed Course (Waitlist) restrictions, must request permission via the NJIT Course Permits system at:

To activate a NJIT University Computing ID (UCID) account on the NJIT system, go to:
Then follow the steps to identify yourself, providing basic information, create a password, and accept the Use Guidelines Policy

The New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT)
Office of the Registrar is located at
154 Summit Street
Newark, NJ 07102
Tel: 973-596-3236
Fax: 973-642-7898

NJIT Office Hours