Exchange RBHS Registration

Exchange Registration procedure with Rutgers - Biomedical & Health Sciences (RBHS)

All matriculated Undergraduate/Graduate students at Rutgers University-Newark seeking to register for courses at Rutgers - Biomedical & Health Sciences (RBHS) must complete the following RBHS Exchange Registration form as follows:

  • Fill in the demographics info requested in Section I: Applicant Information
  • Fill in the RBHS Course Enrollment Information in Section II
    View the RBHS Schedule of Classes here.
  • Obtain Departmental Approval (Name and Signature) from your Dean or Program Director/Advisor
  • Submit the form to the Office of the Registrar at Rutgers University-Newark

The Office of the Registrar at Rutgers University-Newark will then coordinate the registration with the appropriate RBHS unit under which the course is being offered. Once completed the student will be placed in the appropriate generic exchange courses and a notification will be sent via email that the requested transaction has been completed (or denied with reason).