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Graduate Exchange Registration

While undergraduate exchange programs between Rutgers and NJIT ( formerly Newark College of Engineering) date back to the 1960’s, a more comprehensive program including graduate programs was established in 1972. These programs were approved by the executive committee of the Council of Higher Education in Newark (CHEN). The original exchange programs included Rutgers University-Newark (RU-N) and Newark College of Engineering (currently NJIT). The procedures have evolved over the years to include exchange with the new Rutgers, Biomedical & Health Sciences (RBHS) units. Click a selection from the list below to review the current procedures for exchange registration with each institution:

Exchange Registration is only available to RU-N matriculated students enrolled in a degree program.

Please note that there is no exchange program conducted during the Summer or Winter Sessions. As such, students must register and enroll directly at the host institutions in order to attend summer and/or winter courses offered there.

With regard to Billing all tuition and fees are paid by the student to the "HOME" school during the regular Fall and Spring semesters, while payment is made to the "HOST" school during the Summer and Winter sessions.

With regard to Grading, all approved courses taken at NJIT or RBHS that are successfully completed will count towards the total degree credits, grades will be posted on the permanent record and the cumulative GPA will be reflected accordingly.

To activate a NJIT University Computing ID (UCID) account on the NJIT system, go to:
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