Rutgers Academic Administrators and Faculty may be granted access to course rosters through the Rutgers Electronic Student Grading System:

This on-line system provides the option to view rosters, submit warning and final grade, as well as submit grade change for students.

Instructors seeking to submit Final or Warning Grades may click here to access the REGIS system.

Access and View Class Rosters:

To access the roster and view, submit Warning or submit Final Grades, click on “Rosters & Electronic Grading Information System (REGIS)”.

Log in and access to course rosters at Rutgers Electronic Student Grading System.
You will need an active Rutgers NetID in order to log in. Visit this site to find out about the NetID.

  1. Click “Rosters & Electronic Grading Information System (REGIS)”.
  2. The View Roster selection will be the default tab selected.
  3. Select either Quick Search or Drill-down Search of the rosters you have been granted access to.
  4. Select the Semester from the Drop-down menu.
  5. Enter the Unit – Subject – Course – Section.
  6. Click “Retrieve Roster” button.

Alternate to Quick Search one may select the Drill-down Search method to access class rosters.

  1. Select the Semester from the Drop-down menu.
  2. Select the Unit from the list you have been granted to.
  3. Select the Subject from the selection you have been granted to.
  4. Select the Course from the selection you have been granted to.
  5. Select the Section from the list you have been granted to.
  6. Click “Retrieve Roster” button.

In viewing the REGIS Roster across the top of the roster you will see:
Course Info. Semester – Unit – Subj – Crse – Extract Date – Warning Period Dates – Grading Period Dates – Download to Excel feature
Next, is displayed:
Title – Section – Index – Roster Size – Total Withdrawn – Valid (Final) Grades – Valid Warning (Grades) – Download Section Photos (in .pdf)
Below this you will see List of Students and their information including:
RUID – Name – Unit – Class Year – Curric1 Code – Option Code – Curric2 Clode – Location Code – Bill Indicator – Grade Preference – Warning Grade – Comment – Original Grade – Change – Permission Number

Grading the REGIS Roster

Submitting Warning Grades:

Warning grades are issued to students at approximately the mid-point of each academic semester to advise students of academic progress or attendance issues, in hopes that the student will have sufficient time to improve their chances of success, seek academic counseling or withdraw from course. It also provides information to academic advisors to assist students who may be in academic jeopardy.

During the designated period instructors are encouraged to submit warning grades on the REGIS system. The system will present an open text box in the "WARN" column to faculty members assigned the role of Grader for the specific course. The faculty member should submit one of the appropriate Warning grades below for each student noted to be in jeopardy of failing the course.  NOTE: The Warning Period does not apply to Law, Graduate Nursing (School 45 course) nor Summer/ Winter Terms.
Warning grades are entered directly on the REGIS Roster as 2 characters codes:

  • W1 - Warning for poor academic performance.
  • W2 - Warning for poor course attendance.
  • W3 - Warning for both poor attendance and performance.

After entering and reviewing all grades, click the “Submit” button at the bottom. The screen will refresh and the grade boxes will be set (locked) with the grade.

NOTE: Students not listed on the electronic roster, but attending class, should be directed to the Registrar's Office.
Do not submit a warning grade to any student who has withdrawn from the University or have dropped the course after the change of course period (a grade of W will be listed in the Original Grade column).

Corrections to warning grades that have been submitted must be done by contacting the Registrar's office.
Warnings grades not submitted during the Warning Grade period should be communicated directly to the student by the faculty member.


Submitting Final Grades:

During the designated Final Grading Period faculty and instructors granted the privileges for grading will see an open text field box in the Original Grade column.

  1. Enter the appropriate “Valid Grade” for each student (See listing of “Valid Grades” above roster).
  2. Click the “Submit” button at the bottom after entering and reviewing all grades.
  3. The screen will refresh and the grade boxes will be set.
  4. If all grades were accepted, a message will appear in green indicating the roster was successfully submitted.
  5. If invalid grades were entered, a message will appear in red indicating invalid grades were entered and the invalid grades on the roster will be outlined in red.
  6. Change the invalid grade(s) and click submit again. 

Alternately, instructors may also upload the roster contained in a file saved in .csv or .xls format.

To upload the completed file at the end of the semester during the Final Grading period.

  1. Click the Upload Roster tab in section 1
  2. Select the Semester from the drop down menu.
  3. Enter the Course number (Unit – Subject – Course – Section).
  4. In section 2 click Browse button.
  5. Then the “Choose File to Upload” dialogue box will appear.
  6. Find your .xls or .csv file then click Open.
  7. Then click Verify Course Upload button.

For more details click the Upload Help link to the right of the “Verify Course Upload” button.

When finished submitting grades for class rosters, please do not forget to click Log Out at the top right corner of this on-line application.

NOTE: Maintaining the accuracy of students' academic records and progress is contingent upon instructors submitting accurate grades based on the deadline dates established each academic semester. Grades left blank will convert to "NG" which will subsequently convert to an 'F' grade for each student if not resolved before the end of the following semester.


Partially Graded Rosters:

Rosters that are submitted with a few grades missing, may be revisited during the designated grading period in order to enter grades for those students not previously graded.

An empty box will be displayed in the Original Grade column for a student who’s grade was not submitted. Simply enter the missing grade(s) then click Submit Section button.

Also during this period, a grade that was previously submitted may be changed by clicking on the “Change” link next to the original grade for the student.

The application will automatically change to the Create Grade Change system with the course and student information of the student whose grade “Change” was clicked.

Here simply enter the “New Grade”, “New Comment”, click to select optional Notifications to be sent and then click the “Enter” button.

The application will refresh indicating that the grade was/was not successfully submitted.

A student whose grade was changed will also display the grade that it was changed to under the Changed Grade column.

During the Final Grading period instructors will also see several open text field boxes at the bottom of the roster where they may enter the student information (Name-RUID-Grade-Comment) of those who were not found on the actual roster.


When finished submitting grades for class rosters, please do not forget to click Log Out at the top right corner of this on-line application.