Registrar - Electronic Grade Change System (EGCS)

Please note that instructors seeking to change a student's grade AFTER the deadline for submitting grades has passed, must process a Change of Grade electronically via the Electronic Student Grading System Options

NOTE: This is the same url for REGIS

Notes about “No Grade” (NG) Grades:
Student’s whose grade was not submitted during the Final Grade Submission period, the grade will be converted to NG. The grade of "NG" must be resolved within the following semester, otherwise the grade will convert to an 'F' grade and the GPA will be recalculated accordingly.

Once the Final Grading period is over (after the established deadline date) and grades have been entered or converted to “NG” (if the grade was left blank) instructors must process the Grade Change request on-line through the EGCS section of the Rutgers Electronic Student Grading System.



Accessing Electronic Grade Change Requests

  • Log in and Complete the Change of Grade request:
  • At this site click the link for the Electronic Grade Change System (EGCS)
  • Enter NetID then Password
  • After logging in click the “Create Grade Change” tab.
  • Then enter the Student’s RUID -OR- LAST NAME and FIRST NAME
  • Then select the Year and Term in which the course was taken and the grade change will be applied
  • Enter the UNIT-SUBJECT-COURSE-SECTION information into the appropriate text field box
  • Click the “Search” button.

NOTE: If the Student and Course information does not match the system will respond with a message:
You’ve encountered the following error(s) such as "No Search results returned".
Simply review the student’s record, Year/Term, and course numbers, for incorrect data and make proper corrections on the application then click Search.


Submit Electronic Grade Change Requests

  • After entering the correct student AND course information the page will refresh and display the Student Search Results
  • Click the Change Grade link to change the grade
  • After clicking the Change Grade link the page will refresh and a text field box will appear to the right of the Student Information table under the heading of *New Grade, and another text field box will appear under the *New Comments heading.
  • Enter the new grade in the box and also enter a comment (which is required) in the comments box.
  • Set a check in the boxes for Notification of the appropriate individuals who should be notified of this change. (The Dept. Chair will automatically be notified except during the period when Final Grades are available for submission).
  • Click the Enter button.
  • The screen will refresh indicating the Change of Grade was successfully submitted in green text.

When finished submitting Electronic Grade Changes (EGCes), please do not forget to click Log Out at the top right corner of this on-line application.


Approving Grade Changes

After an Instructor or Dept_Chair submits an Electronic Grade Change (EGC) it must be approved by next level administrator as follows:

  • Instructor (submits EGC to be approved by) > Dept_Chair
  • Dept_Chair (submits EGC to be approved by) > Dean
  • (NOTE: EGCes that are submitted during the Final Grading period for the semester in which the course is taken do not need Dept_Chair approval)

If an instructor submits an EGC after the Final Grading Period has closed, the Dept_Chair will receive an email notification informing the incumbent that an EGC is awaiting approval.

The Dept_Chair or Dean must then login to the REGIS/EGCS landing site.

  • From the REGIS landing site click link for Electronic Grade Change System (EGCS) then log in with NetID & password.
  • Click the Approve Grade Change tab and a list of Pending EGCes will be displayed based on the authorized Unit and Department access privileges granted.
  • The student(s) info will be displayed in the table of pending EGCes.
  • The column titled “Comments” will display the required comment entered by the Instructor to facilitate decision whether to approve or reject the EGC.
  • On the far right are radio buttons under the headings “Pend”, “App”, and “Rej”
    “Pend” is the default selected.
  • Click radio button under “App” to approve the requested change.
  • Click radio button under “Rej” to reject the requested change.


Once all pending EGCes have been Approved or Rejected, click the Enter button

When finished submitting grade changes, please do not forget to click Log Out at the top right corner of this on-line application.