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Undergraduate Student Enrollment Status

The designation of undergraduate students as full- or part time is necessary for the regulations governing tuition charges, student fees, statistical records, and other issues affected by such status.

Status for undergraduate students enrolled in Rutgers - Newark schools which include:
NCAS (21), SoN (Undergraduate - 25), RBS (Undergraduate - 29),
SPAA (Undergraduate - 40), SCJ (Undergraduate - 47), and UC-N (62)

is determined during the Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer terms are as follows:

12.0 or more credits = full-time (FT)
6.0-11.99 credits = half-time (HT)
fewer than 6.0 credits = less than half-time (LHT)

Summer Session:
6.0 credits = full-time (FT)
3.0 credits = half-time (HT)

Winter Session:
For the Winter Session, students are only permitted to take a single course or a total of 4 credits.
There is no recognized part time status; all students are considered full time.