General REGIS Information

During designated dates to enter "Warning" or "Final" grades the REGIS system will present an open box in the "Warning" or "Grade" column to faculty members assigned the role of Grader for the specific course. The faculty member assigned as the Grader for the course is required to submit grades for each student through this REGIS on-line grading application.


Rosters are generally available for the proceeding term according to the following time frames: 

October - Spring Rosters will be available.
February - Summer Session Rosters for all sections will be available.
March - Fall Rosters will be available.
November - Winter Session Rosters will be available.

Explanation of Specific Grades.

Warning Grades

Final Grades

Other conditions that may apply:

Supplemental Codes for Granting Privileges and accessing rosters are as follows:
The "NB" supplemental code is used to signify New Brunswick Courses. Generally used by RBS-Grad (22).
The "RK" supplemental code is used in conjunction with some Special Topics courses with multiple topics under the same course number in the School of Criminal Justice. It is also used to identify Social Work (19) courses offered in Newark.

Adding Students:

Students attending a class but are not on the REGIS roster should be directed to the Office of the Registrar to discuss their enrollment into the course.

Uncertain of student's status:

If student is listed on the roster without a 'W' grade, and you are unsure of the student's status, then please leave the grade space blank, and add a comment in the "COMMENTS column to indicate whether the student has stopped or did not attend the course. The date of last attendance would be helpful.