General Registration Guidelines (Graduate)

Spring 2020 - Advisement & Registration Information

The following information is intended for Continuing Graduate Students of Rutgers University - Newark (RU-N):

Spring 2020 COURSE REGISTRATION BEGINS - via WEBREG on Sunday, November 3, 2019 (according to posted Hours of Operation on the WEBREG website)

Graduate School-Newark, School of Criminal Justice, and School of Public Affairs & Administration Spring 2020 registration - Sunday, November 3, 2019

Graduate RBS Spring 2020 registration - Monday, November 4, 2019

Law Spring 2020 Registration remains TBD. Law students may find additional information at the School of Law website.

Spring 2020 Schedule of Classes will be available online on Monday, October 21, 2019.

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WEBREG is an online system for Matriculating students to register, change or Add/Drop courses to their class schedule.

Click on the following link to logon to WEBREG.

Students who are unfamiliar with the "WEBREG" system should follow this link which explains how to use WEBREG.

WEBREG will remain open until the end of the Spring 2020 ADD/DROP Period. Please note the Hours of Operation (availability) that is posted on WEBREG.

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Most continuing students will have direct access to WEBREG, however students in the following categories will not have access to WEBREG

  • All Non-Matriculated students.
  • Ph.d Management students (620) students.
  • Ph.d Applied Math Students (645) students.

Note: Students may be blocked from registering if they have an unpaid balance on their Student Account. Students with an account balance may submit payment online or they can meet with Student Accounts Representative immediately for assistance.

Students excluded from using WEBREG must obtain permission from their Program Director’s and submit it to the Registrar’s Office.

All students who have applied for January 2020 Graduation may not register for Spring 2020 unless the student's degree application is denied or otherwise cancelled with their Dean.

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When attempting to register for a course via WEBREG or IN-PERSON, students may receive informative messages indicating the course was not added to the student's schedule due to a course restriction.

Students should review the Schedule of Classes to verify the presence of various "Notes" associated with the course to determine if restrictions have been set and how to obtain permission for the course.

NOTE that registration for courses offered at NJIT are generally restricted to In-Person registration. See the details regarding NJIT EXCHANGE REGISTRATION below.

The following course restrictions will need approval by the student's Dean or Program Director, and if approval is granted the registration process will be handled by the Registrar's Office.

  • "Maximum credits": for Graduate students are limited by each school indicated below.

    Graduate School-Newark - 17.0
    Rutgers Business School - 18.0
    Rutgers LAW (Newark) - 16.0
    School of Criminal Justice - 15.0
    School of Public Affairs & Administration - 12.0

  • "Prerequisites": Some courses require the prior completion of courses.

The following course restrictions will need approval by the student's Dean or Program Director and if approved the student must obtain a Special Permission Number (SP#) for the specific section and register for the course via WEBREG.

  • "Open to Major" are courses that are restricted to students who are enrolled in a specific major (e.g. Accounting).
  • "Closed Course" is one that has reached the limited number of students set by the department.
  • "By Permission Only" are set for courses that are managed at the discretion of the department.

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IN-PERSON Registration

Students who are unable to use WEBREG to register for classes may visit the Office of the Registrar at Blumenthal Hall to register in person during our regular Hours of Operation.

Students who are encountering issues registering for specific courses please refer to COURSE Restriction.

In-person and WEBREG registration for Spring 2020 will continue until the end of the ADD/DROP Period.

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Pre-Registration/In-Person Registration for NJIT courses begins Monday, November 4, 2019.

NOTE that Non-matriculating students may not register for NJIT courses via this Exchange Registration agreement.

All NJIT course registrations including Add/Drop must be done In-Person at the Office of the Registrar.

Once registered for NJIT Courses, students are advised to create their NJIT UCID account (which is similar to the Rutgers NetID) in order to log in to access certain NJIT resources and services online. In order to create the UCID, students will need their NJIT ID (which is similar to the RUID). Instructions for creating a NJIT UCID can be found at:

Rutgers students taking NJIT courses must adhere to Rutgers Add/Drop Period.
View NJIT Spring 2020 Academic Calendar.  See Rutgers Advisor with questions.

See the NJIT Class Schedule for a list of courses offered.

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Hours of Operation during this PRE-REGISTRATION period:
Mon-Fri, 8:30am-4:30pm
In addition, the office will be open on:
Wednesday, November 6, 2019 from 8:30am to 6:00pm for Spring 2020 registration.

Normal Hours of Operation: During the Fall/Spring semester when classes are in session.
Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri. - 8:30am - 4:30pm
Wed. 10:00am - 6:00pm (only during regular academic year when classes are in session September - May)

The WEBREG will remain open until the end of the Spring 2020 ADD/DROP Period.
(NOTE: WEBREG - Hours of Operation (availability) is posted on the WEBREG system.)

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The Registration process begins with students reviewing their academic record and selecting courses required to complete the requirements of their Masters or PhD degree program. Students may seek academic advisement either from their Academic Dean or from their Program Director to determine the appropriate course selection required to complete the program.

Please follow the appropriate links below for Academic Advisement information for each of the graduate schools at Rutgers University - Newark.

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Graduate School - Newark (GSN) students seeking Academic Advisement may find contact information for their Program in the GS-N Program directory.

Graduate School - Newark students will find the GS-N Dean's Office at:
175 University Avenue
Conklin Hall Suite 241
Newark, New Jersey 07102

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Rutgers Law (LAW-Newark) students seeking advisement should check the Rutgers Law website for information regarding advisement.

The Rutgers Law (Newark) students will find the Office of Student Services at:
123 Washington St.
Center for Law and Justice (Suite 100)
Newark, NJ, 07102

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Rutgers Business School - Newark/New Brunswick (RBS-Newark) graduate students taking courses at Newark may find contact information for the RBS Student Services here.

Graduate RBS (Newark) students can find Academic Advisors at
1 Washington Park, Suite 324
Newark, NJ 07102-3122

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School of Criminal Justice - Graduate (SCJ) students seeking advisement should visit the SCJ website for more information.

Graduate SCJ students will find their Office of Academic and Student Services at:
123 Washington St.
Center for Law and Justice (Suite 578)
Newark, NJ, 07102

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School of Publis Affairs & Administration - Graduate (SPAA) students seeking advisement should see the SPAA website for advising hours.

Graduate SPAA students will find the their Academic Advisors at:
111 Washington Street
Center for Urban & Public Service Newark, NJ 07102-1801
Phone: 973-353-5093

** All the above is tentative and subject to change without general notice.

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