General Registration Guidelines (Undergraduate)

Fall 2022 - Advisement & Registration Information 

Continuing Undergraduate Students of Rutgers University-Newark (RU-N) are encouraged to seek advising prior to Fall 2022 Registration Students are assigned registration dates and times each semester according to their degree credits earned (excluding credits in progress).  

Fall 2022 Schedule of Classes will be available on Monday morning, March 14, 2022.

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Degree credits are credits already earned toward graduation; they do not include credits for courses currently in progress.

If you encounter web-registration problems, please contact via the online form at

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Chancellors, Deans and Program Directors, identify students faced with extenuating circumstances, beyond their control, that can preclude them from continuing their education at RU-N due to an inability to register for specific courses, which may cause an end to their program affiliation and loss of financial assistance.  Circumstances may include physical obstacles, restrictive occupation, rigorous collegiate responsibilities and strict special program affiliation.  The following groups have been identified to date:

  • Athletes as identified by RU-N Department of Athletics as participating on an RU-N athletic team 
  • BA/MD students 
  • Honors College students 
  • Honors Living Learning Community (HLLC) students 
  • NJ Step/Mountainview students 
  • Pre-Health Learning Community Students as identified by OAS
  • Students approved for an accommodation for early registration as identified through the Office of Disability Services
  • Veterans who are certified as receiving benefits 

NOTE: NJIT Registration for Special Populations will be available via WEBREG for courses in Biology (28:120)/Graduate History (48:510)/Theater (28:088).  All other NJIT courses will require the completion of the NJIT registration form an upload via

Students who wish to appeal for special population registration status must provide a written statement explaining why they wish to be identified as a student in need of Special Population Registration.  Students are to upload supporting documentation, which is required to verify your circumstances and complete the online form.

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Registration Types

In-person and WebReg registration continue through the start of each term and ends the last days of the ADD/DROP Period.

In-person Registration
Students who are unable to use WebReg to register for classes may visit the Office of the Registrar at Blumenthal Hall to register in-person during our regular Hours of Operation.

Web Registration (WebReg)
WebReg is an online system that lists hours of operation and used by degree-seeking students to register, change or Add/Drop courses to their class schedule.  Students who are unfamiliar with "WebReg" may view a short tutorial.

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WebReg Access Restrictions

New and NM Student
Newly admitted First-Year Undergraduate students and all non-matriculated (NM) students are restricted from using WebReg unless authorized by an academic advisor.  Arrange an appointment as soon as possible. 

Graduating Student
All students who have applied for May 2022 Graduation may not register for Summer or Fall 2022 unless the student's degree application is denied or otherwise cancelled with their Dean.  Once the Office of the Registrar receives advisor authorization, WebReg access will be granted to allow for online registration. 

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Registration Restrictions

GPA Restrictions
WebReg is restricted to the following students unless authorized by an academic advisor: 

  • All undergraduate NCAS, SPAA, SCJ, and UC–N students with a cumulative average below 2.0 
  • All undergraduate RBS (Newark) students with a cumulative average below 2.5
  • All students placed on academic probation by their academic Dean 
  • All students who were academically suspended for the current semester 

Meet with your academic advisor before registration. 

Financial Hold Restrictions
Students with unpaid balances should submit payment online or meet with Student Accounts Representative for assistance. 

Course Restrictions and Messages
Students may receive informative course restriction messages via WebReg or In-Person, indicating the course was not added. See the Schedule of Classes to verify the presence of various "Notes" associated with the course (or section) to determine the restrictions and how to obtain permission to register for the course (or section). 


In-person registration at the Registrar’s Office is required for the following course restrictions that involve approval by the student's Dean, Academic or Departmental Advisor: 

  • Maximum Credit Override": Undergraduate students are limited to 19 credits per semester. 
  • "Prerequisites Override": Some courses require prior completion of courses to register. The following course restriction messages will need approval by the student's Dean, Academic or Departmental Advisor and if approved the student must obtain a Special Permission Number (SP#) for the specific section and register for the course via WebReg. 
  • "Open to Class": indicates courses restricted to students in specific class year/standing (e.g. Course note indicating "Open to Seniors"). 
  • "Open to Major" indicates courses restricted to students enrolled in a specific major (e.g. Accounting). 
  • "Closed Course" indicates course has reached the stop point (room capacity) set by the department (scheduling). 
  • "By Permission Only" indicates course registrations managed at the discretion of the department.

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Registration for NJIT courses for RU-N students begin on Monday, April 4, 2022.

NOTE: Non-matriculating students may not register for NJIT courses via this Exchange Registration agreement.

Please refer to our NJIT Exchange Registration information by visiting the following sites according to your classification:
Undergraduate NJIT Exchange
Graduate NJIT Exchange 

Rutgers students taking NJIT courses must adhere to Rutgers Add/Drop Period.
View NJIT Academic Calendar.  See Rutgers Advisor with questions.

See the NJIT Class Schedule for a list of courses offered.

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Academic Planning Tools

Course Schedule Planner (CSP)
Course Schedule Planner (CSP): Rutgers students may use Course Schedule Planner to build, compare, review, and register schedules for available semesters. Long term planning, course catalog search, automated schedule generation, improved calendar view, advanced filtering, wish list and WebReg integration are just a few features that will make planning a schedule easier and faster than ever. See short tutorial.

Degree Navigator
Degree Navigator is an advising tool designed to help students make informed decisions regarding their academic progress. Students are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor to discuss degree progress.

** All the above is tentative and subject to change without general notice.

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