Tuition Waiver Contacts

Students interested in using the NJ Workforce Tuition Waiver Eligibility Program may contact the appropriate Certifying Office listed below for further information about the Rutgers University policy and procedures regarding this program.

The appropriate Certifying Office is determined by semester/term:

for Fall/Spring semester  or Rutgers Business School (RBS)-Graduate Third Term students

  • Office of the Registrar, 3rd floor, Blumenthal Hall, (973) 353-5324

for Summer or Winter Session students:

  • For all schools (except Rutgers Business School (RBS)-Graduate) including visiting students contact Office of Summer & Winter Sessions, Room 208, Blumenthal Hall, (973) 353-5112 .
  • For Rutgers Business School (RBS)-Graduate courses during the Summer months are considered "Third Term" not Summer Session, therefore contact the Office of the Registrar, 3rd floor, Blumenthal Hall, 973/353-5324 or .

Additional contacts: