Unemployed Workers Waiver

Rutgers University is a participating institution in the New Jersey Unemployed Workers Tuition Waiver Program. Every participating institution prepares its own policy to govern the process of maintaining this valuable resource for our state's unemployed population.

Click here to read the Rutgers policy.

Summer 2018

The certification period for regular (Non-RBS-Graduate) Summer Session 2018 is processed by the Office of Summer/Winter Sessions. Please visit their website for more information. Registration will take place on the first day of each Summer Session at the Office of the Registrar. A checklist is available here with step by step information on the Rutgers University–Newark certification and registration process.


Graduate Rutgers Business School Summer 2018

RBS-Graduate students click here to review the Summer 2018 - DEADLINE Dates

The following information should be used as a guide to ensure compliance with the university's policy governing this program.



This checklist is to assist you in the Rutgers University-Newark waiver applicant process and should be used as a guide. You will not be required to submit this checklist during the process.

General Information
Waiver may not be used for courses which are part of customized training program, where the instructor is compensated on a per-student basis, or if an applicant is enrolled in a degree-granting program which has a waiting list of qualified students at the start of the semester or session.

Click here for a list of contacts at the Certifying Offices

All items on checklist must be completed in manner and time frame indicated to ensure program eligibility.


Part 1 (Prep work)

This must be completed prior to beginning Part 2)

  • Apply to Rutgers University for either admission or as a non-matriculating student.
  • Complete current Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/
  • Rutgers students must see their academic counselor for advisement prior to visiting the New Jersey Department of Labor counselor.
  • visit the New Jersey Department of Labor to obtain Unemployed Person Job Training Form (Tuition Waiver Program) and Workforce Development Employability Development Plan (EDP).


Part 2 - (Get Certified)

This must be done no more than 30 calendar days and no less than 5 business days before the first day of the semester/session)

  • Visit the relevant Rutgers University-Newark Certifying Office (click here to see list of contacts).
  • Confirm you have not yet registered for any courses; preregistration of classes under this program is prohibited
  • Bring all required Department of Labor forms--stamped originals; no photocopies will be accepted
  • Present the New Jersey Department of Labor’s Unemployed Person Job Training Form (Tuition Waiver Program) with two original authorized New Jersey Department of Labor personnel signatures, with Rutgers University-Newark as the referral institution
  • Ensure form includes completed course list and alternatives on back of the form (this list of courses may not be altered once approved upon certification)
  • Present Department of Labor and Workforce Development Employability Development Plan-for use at Rutgers University. The plan must outline an eligible program offered by Rutgers
  • Complete Qualified Unemployed Workers Applicant Certification Form at Certifying Office
  • Obtain Certifying Office signature on Rutgers-Newark Qualified Unemployed Workers Tuition Waiver Approval Form
  • Retain form and attached documents for Part 3


Part 3 - (Register for classes)

During add/drop period beginning on the third day of classes in the fall/spring semester and RBS-Graduate - Third Term, OR on the first day of classes for the session for the summer/winter term, applicant must return with approval form obtained in Part 2 (bring all additional forms attached) to:

  • Obtain approval from Registrar’s Office (Registrar’s Office will confirm requested courses have space available and register student for approved open courses)
  • Present approval form to Office of Financial Aid to obtain signature
  • Pay $20 registration fee and any other required course fees or health insurance charges
  • Present approval form to Cashier's Office by the end of the Add/Drop period for the school in which enrollment is sought