Warning Grades

Warning Grades

In an effort to support Satisfactory Academic Progress, warning grades are a proactive measure for faculty to alert students mid-point (approx. 6th week) of each academic semester to advise students of academic progress or attendance discrepancies.  The hope is the student will have sufficient time to improve their chances of success by seeking tutoring, assistance from academic counseling or withdraw from the course. It also provides information to academic advisors to assist students who are in jeopardy.

The valid "Warning" grades are 2 character codes as follows:

  • W1 - Warning for poor academic performance
  • W2 - Warning for poor course attendance
  • W3 - Warning for both poor attendance and performance

Faculty Note(s):

  • The Warning grade period does not apply to Law, or any Summer/Winter Term courses.
  • If a "W" is listed in the "Original Grade" column of a particular student, the student has officially withdrawn from the specified course and the Warning Grade is not applicable.
  • Students not listed on the electronic roster, but attending class, should be directed to contact the Registrar's Office.
  • After entering and reviewing all grades, click the “Submit” button at the bottom. The screen will refresh and the grade boxes will be set (locked) with the grade.
  • Instructors may continue to log back in to the REGIS system and submit additional Warnings for other students in the course until the deadline date listed at top of your roster.
  • During the Warning period, corrections to warning grades that have been submitted must be done by contacting registrar@newark.rutgers.edu    
  • Once the roster is submitted and the deadline has passed, changes to Warning grades can no longer be made.
  • Instructors who failed to submit Warnings during the Warning Grade period must discuss the warning with the student directly.