WEBREG Instructions


[Log in]

  1. Go to WEBREG welcome page.

  2. Select Login Option [ Rutgers Student - Alternative Rutgers Student log in - Visiting Students ]

  3. Enter necessary information [depending on option selected] - Click Log In

    • Rutgers Student {use NetID-password]
    • Alternative Rutgers Students log in {use RUID-PAC}
      NOTE about the PERSONAL ACCESS CODE (PAC): In addition to your 9-digit RUID number, you must use your PAC when attempting to register by phone or web. The PAC, unless specified, is comprised of the four digits representing the month and day of your birth. Please keep this number confidential. It has been assigned for security reasons. All students are strongly encouraged to change the PAC code as soon as possible. If you have already established a student email Pegasus account you can go to the PAC Change webpage. You may also visit the Registrar's Office with two forms of ID to make this change in person.
    • Visiting Students {additional info required - links for assistance available}
  4. Choose the semester for which you would like to manage your courses - click Continue


After successful log in and semester selection, the next web page will display at the top right corner of the Rutgers banner, the Name and RUID of student currently logged in.
(Note: the Log Out link appears after this information. All students are encouraged to log out properly from online applications which provide access to sensitive information.)
Immediately below the banner will display semester selected and student's School, Credits Attempted for the semester and Total Completed Credits. Students may click on the Manage Registration tab (default) or the View/Print Schedule tab.


[Adding Courses - Click on the Manage Registration tab]

Note: Upon initial attempt to register for a particular semester, the following message will appear under Transaction Summary "You are not currently registered for any courses." Otherwise, if you have already registered, your current schedule will appear on the page under the title Registered Courses.

  1. At the left margin of this on-line registration web page will be five (5) or ten (10) boxes (depending on the semester selected) where you may enter each of the index numbers associated with the course/section that you would like to register for.

  2. Once you have entered in the index numbers click on the Add Courses button to activate the system to process your registration. (The page will be refreshed)

  3. A brief summary will appear under Transaction Summary stating the number of courses that were successfully added.

  4. Below this notice the Index number of courses that failed to add will appear along with an explanation for its failure to be added. Otherwise, the same Add to Registration form box will appear for entering additional course index numbers to be added to the schedule.

  5. To the right of the Add to Registration form the system will list all of the course information for those courses that have been successfully added to the semester being managed.


[Dropping Courses]

  1. A Drop button is provided to the right of each course listed under Registered Courses. Click the Drop button associated with the proper course to be dropped from the current schedule.

  2. Click on the OK button on the dialogue box confirming the specific course to be dropped from the schedule.

  3. The screen will refresh and the course will be dropped and no longer appear on the under Registered Courses.
    IMPORTANT Notes regarding Dropping Courses:

    • If dropping a course during the Withdrawal period (begins after Add/Drop period), the course will remain on the list of courses with a notice of "withdrawn" indicating that a grade of "W" is set for the particular course.
    • As of the first day of the semester, if you are dropping the last or only course from your schedule you must do so in person because the WEBREG system will not allow students to Withdraw from College through these applications. Undergraduates may come directly to the Registrar's Office until the deadline date; Graduate students must first get approval from the respective Dean prior to coming to the Registrar's Office. Also note that there is a deadline for each semester to Withdraw from College (click here to view the Academic Calendar) at which time all students must seek permission from the respective Dean to Withdraw from College.

[View / Print Schedule]

  1. To view or print a schedule, click on the View/Print Schedule tab directly below the semester indicated.

  2. The next screen will display three (3) options to view the schedule [Calendar - List by Course - List by Day ]

    • Calendar - displays a grid depicting a weekly view and hourly breakdown of each day. All courses registered will display across the weekly calendar according to their specific meeting times (location of the course is also displayed).
    • List by Course - displays a list of the courses along with specific meeting times and location information for each course.
    • List by Day - displays a list of courses currently registered for a student, in consecutive order according to the day and meeting times of each course.
  3. Once the selected view type is displayed click the Print icon to the right of the displayed schedule.